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Special Programs
Special Programs

All programs on this page are Special Programs offered by schools, daycares and other institutions or private groups for their children only. To register for any of them you will need a special code.

Did you know that now you may be able to claim your child's Spanish classes under the Children's Arts Credit?

Program Start Date Course Days Start Time Pricing Information
Oct 20, 2017 FR 6:00pm
ABCs - Sounds + Basics South Nov 17, 2017 FR 6:00pm
MESP Continuing Students Sep 25, 2017 MO 3:45pm
MESP Beginners Sep 28, 2017 TH 3:45pm
MESP Beginners Jan 18, 2018 TH 3:45pm
YMCA Quarry Park - TU Oct 3, 2017 TU 1:30pm
YMCA Quarry Park - THU Sep 28, 2017 TH 1:30pm