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¡Bienvenidos al mundo del español! - For those who want to learn how to speak the language there are 6 different levels.

Un poco de español - For travelers who want to learn just enough to survive a trip.

One-on-One Classes - When you want, where you want, at your level, at your pace.

MUCHO Spanish - 1 Day class

ABCs - Sounds & Basics

Form your own group and have the following programs taught when and where it is convenient to your group. We offer classes for everyone!
  • Classes for Missioners and Volunteers - ¡Allá vamos!
  • Classes for the Family - ¡Hola familia!
  • Classes for Toddlers & Moms or Dads - ¡Hola chiquitos!
  • Classes for Seniors
  • Conversation classes for all levels - ¡Vamos a charlar en español!
  • Sessions for Travelers - The most popular LUNCHTIME SPANISH AT WORK PROGRAM